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Made by Bodhi products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for 12 months from the original date of purchase.  Please be aware that natural materials will change over time.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, abuse, exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and impacts (such as dropping your phone).  Warranty is only valid with the original purchaser with a valid order number and matching email address.

For assistance with your warranty please contact


Are Made by Bodhi Cases Drop Proof?

No.  MadebyBodhi cases are not 100% drop proof.  While we have designed our cases to be as strong as possible using a flexible polycarbonate plastic, we cannot guarantee it will survive a fall, and thus we do not cover drops in our warranty.  Because the texture and strength of natural materials varies from case to case, sometimes the case survives really harsh drops onto concrete, while other times they break from minor falls onto carpet.  The survival rate depends on the unpredictable angle at which the case hits the ground, the height from which it was dropped,  and the individual strength characteristics of the wood.

This is why we say our cases won’t survive drops, even though they often do (because these variables are out of our control).  If you are prone to dropping your phone, we recommend bulky rubber cases such as the Otterbox.  Although we cannot guarantee it, there have been numerous occasions where iPhone’s have been saved by our cases.  Like a bicycle helmet, it may break during the crash, but it will save your iPhone’s life.



Are Made by Bodhi Cases and artwork scratch proof?  

While we have designed our cases to be as scratch resistant as possible, they are not 100% scratch proof, and thus scratches are not covered in our warranty.  The UV printing process exposes Inks to ultraviolet (UV) light which hardens the ink and creates a superior resistance to scratching.



We do our very best to accurately represent the true colour of our products by calibrating our monitors and using grey cards during photography shoots. Nevertheless, due to variations in monitor/screen settings, and the wide variation in natural materials, images that appear online will not always be identical to the actual product shipped.  We love natural materials because they are one of a kind and imperfect.  This is what makes them beautiful.  Thus, we do not accept colour grain variation/dissatisfaction as a valid reason for a return.